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AION + Jinx = Sexy Shirts

For all of you new die hard AION fans, Jinx has done what they do best and created shirts for you to sport while out on the streets, riding muni, or out on a date with your Asmodian girlfriend. Take … Read More

AION’s Harvest Revel

AION’s first NA Holiday event begins with Halloween. The event starts October 25. If you are an Asmodian celebrate the dark hours and enjoy the hunt… For those Elyos, bear with it and you will see the light come on … Read More

Evincio is now in AION

Evincio takes the leap and joins thousands of other players in NCsoft’s new MMO “AION”. As a former L2 guild they look forward to intense pvp, sieges, and a world built on anime like graphics. Evincio is located on server … Read More

Let me count the ways… 1, 2, 3… 4!

For about a month, Evincio has been hand picking applicants to fill its ranks so that they could progress into Heroic Ulduar and beyond. Well the time has come and the players have been found. Evincio’s first attempt as a … Read More

Shaman Q & A with Greg Street aka Ghostcrawler… Garblox’s Response

Recently Blizzard’s community managers asked players for their questions and concerns about their particular classes and reported these responses back to Ghostcrawler, forum personality and new lead systems designer of World of Warcraft. Shaman where chosen as the first class to have their questions answered. This was either due to random chance or the sheer volume of responses that shaman players gave. Read More

Evincio Downs Mimiron

With 11 bosses now complete in Ulduar, Evincio sees the light at the end of tunnel.

Evincio leads “For the Horde”

With restlessness of pvp rising within the guild on a mid Sunday afternoon, Evincio grouped up to travel in packs taking the lives of any Alliance they came upon. As the thirst for blood grew stronger, the decision to plunder … Read More